An off-topic question to our American friends

Dear list members,

I am a little in a hurry and thus wanted to ask for a quick reply through this list for I haven't found helpful material in the net and need your experience.
To fulfill the plea of a friend of mine whose mother is suffering from cancer (it sounds urgent) and would love to get some souvenir from Germany before dying I wanted to send a small parcel and I would like to know if it is possible to send food with it. I thought of "Lebkuchen" (gingerbread?) from Nuremberg.

Please tell me if you know about customs regulations concerning this matter.

Thanks in advance.


Go to google search machine and look for Schmitt Lebkuchen from Nuernberg.
You can order online and they will send to whereever you direct.


Dear Thomas,

I'm sorry to say that you are not allowed to send any food to the united
states. (Although I'm not sure if you are allowed to import already prepared
food). I know that it's forbidden to send or import any things like
chocolate, fruits, meat aroe something like that. All I can recommend is
that you search for a delicatess-service through the internet in the
concerning city and order a deliverance.

I hope I could help a little bit and that you understand my english... ;o)

Many greetings


-----Urspr�ngliche Nachricht-----

As far as I know (from America to Germany), no
alcohol related material, certain drugs, obviously
no weapons. You may be better off going to your
postal person and asking for a list of what is verboten.

Regards, Robert Lipprandt

Hello Thomas,

I send every year a parcel to my mom to the states especially for christmas.
It�s alway full of Lebkuchen, Printen, Christstollen and other good stuff.

There haven�t been any problems so far. I�m always honest in filling out the
custom forms.

Sincerely yours,