Address help

Could someone please tell me the correct format (what goes on each line) for
addressing the envelope to send a letter to this address?

Kirchenkreisamt Uelzen, Taubenstr. 1, D 29525 Uelzen- Germany

And, could you also tell me who I am writing to? How should I address the

Thank you.


Kirchenkreisamt Uelzen
Taubenstr. 1
D 29525 Uelzen

so i think it is the Church office of Uelzen

SOuth africa

-From Stolzenau in the HANNOVER area, came a forefather named WILHELM
probably born in about 1741 and went to the Netherlands

Aida does not give me any names - or further information!

Has anybody ever came accross the name Von Harzfeldt or Harzfeld ?

Elisabeth von (de) Harzfeld * ca 1450

Joannes Henricus Harzfeld *10 Mai 1711 baptized Sankt Lambertus Katholisch,
Duesseldorf Stadt, Rheinland, Preussen

Ferdinandus (de)(von) Harzfeld * ca 1790 Wiedenbruck Germany

Also the name Harzfeld is found in quite an extended Jewish family ca 1818
in Westfalen Prussia.(most emigrated to the USA)

Ida (die Heilige) von Herzfeld * 749 she married:Egbert von Sachsen
herfather = Karlmann Koning van Franken - mother is Gerberga Koningin van

Please can anybody help??
Thank you very much
Willemine (speaks German too)

What is the address to (since my ancestors HILMER / HILLMER) came from the
Uelzen area?