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You have several Steinkamp families in your records. There is a Steinkamp clan in St. Louis, MO who are descended from Heinrich Wilhem Steinkamp, b. ca 1814. He was from Herford, Besenkamp #28. Emigrated in 1849. Affiliated with the Walke soap company founded by Wilhelm Waltke (from Kreis Minden, Nordrhein Westfalen. You can add this one to your list. Best, Cynthia
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Thanks, Martha! Wouldn't I love to head down to Fort Lauderdale!

Thanks for the interesting information on your Steinkamps. I'm not
surprised that they are not related. (I think my Cincinnati family is
from near Osnabrück.) The name means "stone field" or some such, so
there are lots of possibilities for similar surnames. Meyers Gazetteer
lists a dozen places named "Steinkamp."

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