16th-19th Century German Naming Conventions

Hi Bonita,
Sometimes, some places, the names given the baby were the names of the
godparents. This was pointed out to me by my Dad, son of a woman who was
the first American born child of a Hannover family. His 3rd name was
Ludwig, because his godfather was Ludwig.

So, perhaps, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm was named for his father Heinrich
and for 2 of his godparents Johann XXX and Wilhelm XXX. This one's

This is a real example:
Anna Frieda Elizabeth Rusch (Frieda is a shortened version of
Friedericka, feminine version of Friedrich)
Sponsors: Fred Labs, Elisabeth Rieckmann, and Anna Rieckmann Mueller.

Which name was his "Ruf" name or "called" name? That seems to differ,
based on the families that I know of. Sometimes the first or the second.
Not often the third.