Zufallsfund: Emigranten aus Großeneder

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auf folgender Seite ist eine Liste der EMigranten aus Gro�eneder.


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Hallo Alle!

Please pardon my English. I am not very fluent in German.

I looked at the website and I have a question.

Were young men required to serve in the German army
at the young age of 14? The reason I'm curious is because
my great-great grandfather left Germany in 1849, at the
age of 14, leaving his parents behind. (I'm not sure, yet,
who all of his siblings were and if any of those particular
siblings also followed him to America at a later time. I'm
still "digging" and haven't found his siblings yet.)

I'm also curious if the conscription age was the main
reason my great-great grandfather left or if there was
the additional factor of some sort of upheaval happening
in 1848-1849.

Thanks! Danke!

Pat McCoy