Zietlitz...Parish of Keith

Greetings to all:
I have been having trouble locating any info on this Town, where my
are from. I found it on a Map site. I've searched the Architecture site. I
found the Towns of "Plau" & "Waren" which were near "Zietlitz". ...was this
town annexed into a neighboring Town or area?..My time frames would be
1850/56. I am putting together a Conditions & Pictorial section to my
Genealogy Project for my very large Family. Does anyone know of any
availability of info. on the Town of "Zietlitz". I''ve been following the
Mecklenburg site for months now & am learning much. Thank you all.

                                      Marion A. Millard

Hi Marion,
the village Kieth has the postal code D 18292, also the village Zietlitz D
18292.There are 2 more Zietlitz in Mecklenburg, but I think yours is above
mentioned and you can find it on a map : Highway Autobahn A 19 from Rostock to
Wittstock Exit #15 Linstow , 3 km direction Krakow Am See you find the village
D 18292 Dobbin. Turn right about 2 km you find Zietlitz. In a Curchlist for
Zietlitz is named the churches Kieth/Dobbin.
The MFP Mecklenburg Location Database says, that Linstow is the former Kieth.
See the homepage < http://www.mfpev.de> and go to Locations.
Greetings from Hamburg
Hans Juergen

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