Your name and Heintz, Hinz, Hintz and Becker/Boeck(er)s

My German ist nicht gut.
some of the ancestors for whom I am searching for my information include Becker from I know not where except "Germany" who immigrated to U.S. in 1880 and 1890's. One sister spelled the surname Boeck, another Becker. They settled in Minnesota, initially, Martin County. Some later went to Chippewa and Swift counties of Minnesota. John and Caroline Becker (who apparently remained in Germany) had 6 children according to my sources: Bertha (b.1869, Anna (1864), Karl, Herman (1863), Fred and Minna. (no additional information for other three). Bertha married a William Maus. Anna married a Karl Teichert. Herman had a spouse named Clara. Becker is a common surname. Even in the MN communities in which these families settled, are other Beckers to whom this family appears to have no relationship. In searching archives in Bydgoszcz and Poznan, Becker was seen frequently. Any knowledge of these MN Beckers/Boeck(er)s from "Germany" is appreciated.

Other ancestors included a Daniel Hin(t)z, a landowner in Kowalewko, province Posen, southeast of Bydgoszcz. Others in this Hinz/Wiese lineage were from Mecklenberg, Schneidemuhle (Pila), Bromberg (Bydgoszcz). They first went to Illinois, not far from Chicago. Perhaps some went to Chicago. Any knowledge?