WW1 - FLAMME experience: FINAL Response from Rena

Hello Listers,
Following on from my email generally outlining a German/English family living in England. I am being inundated with offline emails aswell as emails to the list.

I would like to apologise for inaccuracies and PERCEIVED inaccuracies due to language barrier even between my English/English and others American/English. I also regret not making clear the WWI death of the German FLAMME and the death of my English FLAMME was not a joke. War is no joke - my half German grandmother Edith Sophia Flamme/Flemme nearly lost her husband due to mustard gas (she told me he was in a London hospital for a year) and my father (a Scot) lost relatives at sea and on land plus 3 were hospitalised due to extreme shell shock in WWI.

Presumably some listers think the CONSEQUENCES and the surname Bismarck died out after 1886-1890 and I'm not going to argue.

Re the airships WWI: Apologies also for tapping out the wrong gas - I knew it was hydrogen but a senior moment got in the way. We all know helium burns and the hydrogen bomb didn't half make a bang.

WWII: A lister has brought up the quantity of planes made whilst Britain was being mobilised during 1939 which was when women answered the call to work in factories (and on the land) - it just shows what we women are capable of:-) Unfortunately, I couldn't recall the number of AIRWORTHY planes in stock BEFORE mobilisation. Maybe the lister would like to quote German plane quantities during 1938 the year before we mobilised - I know the ratio wasn't 1:1. By the way, I lived in the port of Hull under the flight path of the prop and bi-planes WWII and next to the town of Beverley which made the Beverley bombers - great excitement in latter years when spitfires appeared.
WWII battle arena query - try to read the book by General Horrocks; I meant to read Gen. Montomery's account but never found the time.

To the lads who have nothing better to do than pass giggly notes to themselves - pull your socks up and get some work done.

Now that I've finished grovelling - may I wish all listers a happy new year.
Researching:- Gross/Klein Mahner; Gross/Klein floethe: Flamme;Ehlers;Strubich.