Would like to access Tenfelde's book re emigrants from Lingen to North American

I was able to find the following and think this may be a helpful link
   for finding my ancestors. However, I am unable to find a copy of the
   book or the actual information. Thnaks, MJK


   190, 193, 194, 215, 312, 318, 341, 342

   Emigration and Emigrants from the Former County Lingen to North

   Walter Tenfelde's book, Auswanderungen und Auswanderer aus dem
   ahemaligen Kreise Lingen nach Nortamerika (Lingen: Heimatverein
   Lingen, 1998).

This may help - from the H-L archives. Hopefully the locale mentioned is still valid.

Good luck. Jb


      There is something of an index to the Tenfelde book and If you click
on Nancy's name, she will do a lookup for you. Here's the address:


I hope you find what you are looking for,


You may be able to get it on Inter-Library Loan from an area where these people settled in the US.