I transcribed some of the baptisms from the Church of The Blessed Virgin
(St Marien Church) in Oythe amt Vechta Oldenburg. I have completed the entries
from 1652 until 1726. Here are the WICHMAN names which are in the list.

    Date Child Father Mother
1677 Feb 10 Talke Alardus Wichman Talke
1685 Jan 0 Alardus Alaris Wichman Talke Lammers
1693 Feb 5 Herman Arnold Webarch Hille Wichman
1700 Sep 16 Maragaretha Herbert Wichman Catherina Conjugus
1705 Aug 6 Joes Joes Freye Teila Wichman
1706 Feb 25 Catherina Herbert Wichman Phonnenn Conjugus
1707 Oct 20 Adelheidas Henry Wichman Catherina Tabeling
1707 Oct 30 Johannes Herbert Wichman Phoenenna Conjugus
1708 Jan 22 Henri Arend Weborg Helena Wichman
1708 Aug 24 Catherina Joannes Wichman Maria Nieman
1708 Nov 24 Maragaretha Joannes Freye Taela Wichman
1709 Jul 8 Catherina Henri Wichman Catherina Tabeling
1717 Oct 13 Johan Johan Frye Talia Wichman

In addition, I have:

1 Clara Wichmann b: January 12, 1828 d: Bef. 1857
.. +Franz Heinrich 'Henry ' Repking b: May 17, 1825 d: Bef. 1891
   m: June 12, 1853 Cincinnati, Hamilton,Ohio - Old St Mary Catholic Church

Ronald J Repking
Flossmoor, Illinois

Researching: B a h l B a l l B u k e d e n C u i l m a n D o l l e
F r y e G e r d e s H a u b e n H i l k e r s H o h l J a e g e
r J e l m a n n J o e c k e l K u h l m a n L a m m e r s L u s t i
g L u x M e m i k e n M e r c k e l M e y e r N e e h u e s N i
e h a u s N i e m a n n N i e s s P e t r i P e t r y P f o h l R
e h l R i l l R e p k i n g R i e d t R o o s S a n d s c h e i p e r
  S c h e r e r S c h o e n S e i l e r S e y l e r S i e g e l T h
o b e n T h o e l e U n f r i d U n f r i t t V e d d e r V o r t m a
n W i l i k e n

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Here are the Wichmans I have in my files - I have many other Oldenburg
relatives, so it is possilbe, or even likely that these folks are related
to your folks. It would be fun to see if we are related through them.

Arthalinda Mary
2 <http://www.gencircles.com/users/brucekuennen/24/data/1272#source2>
*Birth:* 24 FEB 1924 in St. Lucas, Fayette County, Iowa
*Death:* 24 DEC 1976 in St. Lucas, Fayette County, Iowa
3 <http://www.gencircles.com/users/brucekuennen/24/data/1272#source3> *Sex:*
F *Father:* Casper
ABT 1903
*Mother:* Maggie
ABT 1905
*Burial*: St. Luke's Catholic Church Cemetery, St. Lucas, Fayette
County, Iowa

Bruce Kuennen
Olympia, WA, USA