What was "mordenfeibar" (murder fever)?

Hi All,

My husband's ancestors (Steffens and Schuhard) came from the village of Spieka in Landwursten, a little north of Bremerhaven. A review of the Spieka church records finds a number of our family died from "mordenfeibar" (murder fever?) between 1850-1852. Does anyone know what sickness this was? Was "mordenfeibar" another name for typhus?

Thanks, Darlene Steffens
Renton, Washington

Hi Darlene,

Please give a death date and a name so that we may view the record ourselves
before beginning a fruitless guessing,

There are lots of death causes ending with "-fieber"

Sincerely yours

Falk Liebezeit

Doug & Darlene Steffens schrieb:

I suggest that your "mordenfeibar" is a misreading of "nervenfieber" which
is typhus and was a very common cause of death especially in the moorlands
where the water supplies were poor.

Paul Scheele