What is a 'lindner'?

Hello everyone

I have been looking at a fim for the Sülten church in Kittendorf parish, and have found one of my relatives whose accupation was 'lindner'.
This is not one I have seen before.
Can anyone help please?


Researching Jorend, Stoltenburg, Jacobs, Wagenknecht etc in Sülten.

Hi Leonie,
what time you are searching in Suelten for your ancestors?
Your searching for Joerend, Stoltenburg and so on. In ancestry you are able to find churchrecord 1876-1918.
Please tell some more details.
Lindner is also a surname

Hello Doris

I am currently looking at the film from about 1786 onwards. I have also looked at earlier records, but have not nearly reached 1874 yet.

I have another fmaily with Lindner as the surname, but this is definitely some sort of occupation. But what? Who knows?

My four times greatgrandmother was Catrina Maria Dorothea Jorend, baptised 1774 in Sülten. Her parents were Michel Martin Jorend and Margaretha Elisabeth Timmermann and one of her grandmothers was a Jacobs, the other a Wolter.
Two of her sisters married Brockers, one married a Stoltenburg, a brother married a Wagenknecht and the other brother married an Erichsen.

Sülten is just a cluster of houses along one road in the parish of Kittendorf, it seems to me. But it had it's own church. The same family names keep recurring in the records.


Hallo Leonie,
are you able to put a copy/photo of the original entry into the net for
Best regards
Michael (Daxer)

Do you have an image of the record to show us? I believe it's just misread and may actually "B�dner". In Mecklenburg B�dner owned a house and land between 2 and 10 acre, they were peasants or craftsmen.


Thank you to all who responded to my query re 'lindner'.

Following Sebastian's advice, I checked the entries, and now agree that the word is 'büdner'.

So I now have an answer.

Thank you all again, especially to Sebastian!