Wendelinus Georg Beck from Nuedlingen


I'm looking for information on Wendelinus Georg Beck, b. 20 Oct 1813
in Bavaria and d. 23 Dec 1863 in Cumberland, MD. The records at Saints
Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Cumberland list Wendel's birthpace
as "Nuetlingen", the passenger list from Baltimore lists it as "Niedlingen"
and his naturalization papers list it as "Nudlingen". Family traditions
state he came from Bavaria, so my educated guess is that he came from
Nuedlingen in Franken.

My first question is if anyone has any connection to Wendel Georg Beck.
Secondly, what's the name of the Catholic church(es) in Nuedlingen, and
which German diocese is it a part of?

Thank you in advance.

michael beck.

That could help you:


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Hallo Micheal,
I also have Beck in my Ancestors Name Lists. Please look on the following
web page http://www.unsere-ahnen.de/ato

Your town should actually read N�rdlingen.
Greeting from Namibia

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