WEDEMEYER of Goslar, Moringen, Fredelsloh

Can anyone help with the name WEDEMEYER in Goslar, Moringen, Fredelsloh?

My great grandfather Georg Heinrich Friedrich Louis WEDEMEYER was born in 1825, in the Markt Parish, Goslar. His parents Ludwig WEDEMEYER and Johanne GIESECKE were married in the same parish in 1805. Great grandfather was at least a 3rd generation shoemaker. His father Ludwig probably served his apprenticeship under his father, Heinrich WEDEMEYER, citizen and shoemaker at Moringen.

Some of the old people in my family thought they were related to General Albert Coady WEDEMEYER, a chief strategist for the Americans in WWII. AC WEDEMEYER's grandfather was said to be born in either Moringen or Fredelsloh, which makes my family's claim possible.

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