WAMBACH Ancestors

Dear Harold Wambach and List Members:

Because I am not able to write in German, I am using a translation program to translate my English to German. I hope no one will harm themselves when they laugh so hard at the translation! <smile>

In this message will be my paternal family tree starting with the oldest of my WAMBACH ancestors. To avoid enclosing a very large amount of text, I am only showing three generations, so I will not be included. Of course, I have more data, if anyone is interested.

Now then, Pruessberg is a very small village in the STEIGERWALD NATURPARK. A small town nearby would be GEROLSHOFEN. To the northwest (about 30 km) is SCHWEINFURT.

From your last message, I am led to believe that your WAMBACH ancestors come from the same area? I will be very interested in reading your comments!
Best wishes,
Robert (Bob) Wambach
Ontario, New York, USA

Hello Bob,

as I read your lines I must smile in deed. A few years ago I have contact
with Mrs. Bailey from Australia. She lives near by Sidney and she search for
Ancestry with the last name Schuck in the Franconia area. Unfortunatly the
contact with her is lost.

Have much success by your search.


Petra Burbach

(Western Forest)