Hi Robert and Ingrid,

that is an interesting news as far as the name-contraction - as far this thesis can be followed a bit of the way further - must have happened already in Germany ad is not result of misreading or living circumstances after emmigration. Studying the telephonebook of Rietberg a bit, I found the name of "FECHTELKORD, Helma, Hauptstr. 46,33397 Rietberg".
As "Cord" or "Kord" is also a male firstname, that might lead to the confirmation of the assumption of an contracted name out of first and second name as a very local speciality. Build in the same manner are family names as FECHTELPETER (18 entries) and FECHTELKORD (26 entries), you will find also FECHTELKÖTTER and FECHTELHOFF, which both last ones have the sense of the farm of FECHTEL. All these familynames are concentrated in almost the same region.

Hope that clears up a bit more the name history and makes even more sense to earlier mails, concerning the document research for the researched person, probably first help should be tried zu get by the parish-book of this Kaunitz, today part of 33415 Verl. The only postal adress I can find for Kaunitz is: "Kaunitz Pfarramt, 33415 Verl, Tel. 05246-3486".

Best wishes

Hans Peter Albers, Bienenbüttel


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