VonderHaar Family Origin?

Elizabeth Besozzi <besozem1@gmail.com>
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Dear All - I would greatly appreciate help to learn where my VonderHaar and
Grünkemeier ancestors came from. I believe they came from Hannover near
Osnabrück, possibly Voltlage, or Wittlage or Schwagstorf but have not been
able to find evidence.

Following are the facts:

- The VonderHaar and Grünkemeier families emigrated in 1837 to Mercer
County, Ohio, USA.

- They sailed on the Ship Maria Brandt from Bremen to New York and arrived
in New York 29 June 1837. Please see table below with the information
transcribed from the ship's arrival passenger list.


*Birth Year*


Mr Heinrich von Der Haar



Mrs Wilhelmine V D Haar


His wife

nee Grünkemeier

Heinrich V D Haar


His son

Wilhelmine V D Haar


his daughter

Mr Gerhard V D Haar



Mrs Marianne V D Haar


his wife

nee Muth

Mr Herman Grünkemeier



Mrs Maria Grünkemeier


his wife

nee VonderHaar

Mr Bernhard Grünkemeier


his son

Joseph Grünkemeier


his son

Mrs Maria Grünkemeier


His mother

nee Forstman ?

Ms Maria Grünkemeier


his sister

I would greatly appreciate assistance, as well as suggestions on how to get
records such as birth and marriage.

Vielen Dank

Elizabeth Besozzi

Hello Elizabeth,

your families Gruenkemeyer and von der Haar seem to have come from
Voltlage. It would make more sense to contact the mailing list of the
Osnabruecker region.


I have found the following info in the state archives of Osnabrueck
regarding emigrants from Voltlage with the register numbers:

Rep 335 Nr. 786, Rep 350 Fü Nr. 132- Surkamp, Johann Hermann Joseph,
geb. 16.11.1835, Voltlage, Elt.: Sürkamp, *Johann Heinrich, Heuerling
und Anna Maria, geb. **Grünkemeyer, Voltlage, ausgewandert 1854 nach
Cincinnati. Sein Oheim Grünkemeyer ist Bauer in der Nähe von Cincinnati.*

Hi Elizabeth

I had already written directly and gave you links to Voltage near
Osnabrueck to find your ancestors. As they seem to have settled in
Cincinnati I found many members of the family Grunkem eyer and
VonderHaar on the cemetery there:


As I already mentioned my mail was too large for the mailinglist. I hope
this helps you to find your ancestors, who seem to have been catholic.

Greetings - Uschi (Boes)

Dear Uschi - thank you so much for all the information and suggestions you
have provided. This should help me make some good progress.

Kind Regards

Liz Besozzi

Hi Liz,

I am in Cincinnati. If there is anything specific I can help with from
here, please let me know.

Kristin Van Scoy