If you receive an e-mail from me with an attachment, don't open it. It's a trojan virus. I have gotten it off my PC, but still haven't figured out how I got it in the first place.

In the last 3 weeks I have recieved 4 e-mails that look like they came from
this list that had attachments. In each case I wrote to the sender and
asked what the attachment was. They answered back that they had mailed me
nothing at all. They each had viruses on their computers that mailed a note
saying "open this".

I now open no attachments unless I get a separate note from the sender.
It's to bad these things are out there.


I am the same way, which is why I can't figure out how this got into my
system. It happened within the last 24 hours, as I could see all the emails
sent back out. The only attachment I've received in the past two days was a
legitimate, scanned image of a letter my gggrandmother had written. This
was sent to me by a women in Emsdetten. The other thing that puzzles me is
that my McAfee did not catch it coming in, but reported it this afternoon
when I logged on.

Rick and Vickie
I am not en expert on virus or anti-virus but I found the Nortons internet
security package to be worth wile. It contains anti- virus, a firewall,
blocks advertisements and you get free upgrades for one year.
I have no connection to Nortons, just a satisfied user.


Die letzten beiden Virus-Meldungen veranlassen mich, nochmals dem Administrator
dieser Liste dringend zu bitten, jedwede "Attachments" in dierser Liste
technisch unm�glich zu machen.

Sollte dies bereits der Fall sein - sorry f�r die Erinnerung!

Reinhard J. Freytag