Very old genealogy question

I have a question relative to East Prussia in the mid- to late 1600s.

I am trying to establish an important linkage of my lineage a very long time ago.Family records, very detailed for the past 250 years have documented the genealogical relationships of the Moldenke, Moldaenke or Moldencke families in East Prussia, Germany and the USA.

The family has believed for a very long time that the origin of the name is associated with Molde, Norway, and came to pass when a soldier or businessman accompanied the armies of Gustavus Adolphus during the 30-years war. My potential ancestor then settled in East Prussia and married into a prominent family -- and the family has historically been associated with prominent families in the succeeding 3 centuries. This has led to a lot of historical information -- but nothing about the presumed originator of the family name (the 'soldier/officer' from Molde). (The family previously examined the possibility of an origin in Moldau (Moldavia), but discounted that possibility on information I do not have at my disposal.)

Perhaps there is now enough computerized information to associate some of the wives of my ancestors successfully in some Polish records? I have listed several of their names and birth/death dates below. I have far more records from additional generations as well, but I did not reference them in this request for help; one of my cousins printed a book on the family history last year that had detailed records of the inter-related Haase, Harder, Heins, Kessler, Koeneke, Neddermann, Randall von Manteufdfel, Zoch and Moldenke families.

The information available to me currently states that the son of the immigrant soldier was Heinrich Moldenke (born 1681, died July 13, 1746, resided in vicinity of Wehlu, East Prussia). He was married twice: 1) to ....Kroste (died October 9, 1719; 2 children) and 2) Anna Elisabeth Strupfel (born 1699, died July 6, 1759, 5 children).

The children of Heinrich (all born in Wehlu) were: 1) Elisabeth Moldencke (born June 3 1712); 2) Heinrich Moldencke (March 5, 1715, died September 18, 1785, married Anna Catharina Jachmien on Nov 10, 1742). Anna's data are: born Nov 30, 1722, died June 14, 1762; 3) Christian Moldencke (born April 4, 1721, died ??, married to Catharina Elisabeth Lust on Jan 25, 1748; 4) Gottfried Moldencke (born Apr 22, 1725, died Aug 19, 1736); 5) Johann Georg Moldencke (born Apr 7, 1732, died ??); 6) Andreas Moldencke (born Nov 22, 1735, died March 30, 1807, married to first Christiane Bohnke (born ???, died Sep 21, 1760), then 2^nd to Sophie Louise Buchta (born Dec 23, 1744, died ???, married Feb 4, 1761, 5 children; 7) Anna Elisabeth Moldencke (born /also /Nov 22, 1735, died Oct 7, 1736)

The children of Andreas were: 1) Heinrich Moldencke (my ancestor, born Sep 15, 1762, in Wehlu, died ???, revenue official in Schippenbeil, married to Catharine Amelia Cholevius on Jul 24, 1795 (she was born in 1771, died ???), they had 4 children; 2) Friedrich Wilhelm Moldencke (born Oct 8, 1773, died ???); 3) Marie Elisabeth Moldencke (born Mar 18, 1778, died ???); 4) Carl Moldencke (born 180? In Schippenbeil, court clerk in Schippenbeil); 5) Franz Moldencke (mentioned in letter dated 1852).

I would be most grateful for any information anyone could provide to help settle the question of who the ultimate ancestor was to the Moldenke-clan.

Sincerely, Andy Moldenke