Unmarked grave of a german war veteran

I am an American living in Australia and I am trying to place a grave marker on the grave of a former German resident who participated in the American Civil War, is a war veteran and is buried in Australia; in an unmarked grave. To do so I must find at least one descendant who is willing to say they want a “free” military headstone for their ancestors gravesite. With their request, I can do the rest and acquire a headstone for his grave and have it installed.

Charles Blume was born in Hanover, Germany either in 1842 or 1847, and after migrating to the United States, Blume enlisted into the 11th Maryland Volunteer Infantry at Baltimore, Maryland on June 2, 1864 for a period of “100 days”. Received a military pension from the U. S. Government beginning on September 13, 1897; application number 1197 680. He died October 21, 1914 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and was buried in an unmarked grave.

By the time of his death, his wife was already dead and he apparently had two married daughters living in Germany, but their names are unknown.

An application was submitted to the Veterans Administration in the United States to mark his unmarked grave. It was summarily rejected by the VA because the applicant was just a concerned citizen in Australia—not his direct descendant. I must have a letter of request from a descendant to acquire a headstone for his grave.

Any assistance you can provide in locating a descendant of Mr. Charles Blume will be greatly appreciated and will honor both him, his family and his country.


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