Two items for research or verification

Please excuse my writing in English.

In the past you have been very helpful in finding my ancestors in
Wildeshausen, Oldenburg.

I have found two additional people that I would like more information on:

1. Dora Luise Schierbaum, born or christened 06 July 1895 in Hannover,
Hannover, Prussia, Germany. Probably Lutheran Church.
     Mother: Frida Elisabeth Charlotte Schierbaum
     Father: not listed

     I would like to know if the mother is my great-grandmother, Frida
Elisabeth Charlotte Schierbaum, born 1868 in Wildeshausen (Lutheran) to
Friedrich Auguste Schierbaum and Ottilie Marie Kersting. Frida had married
Alexander Stark and born a son, August F. Stark, in 1891. She was widowed
sometime before 1895. In November 1895 she and son August sailed to New
York where she had a job waiting for her as a maid in Greenwich,
Connecticut. Family lore says that she had a second child that she was
forced to leave in Germany because there was no room for them in her new
situation. If she gave birth to an illegitimate child following her
widowhood, that seems a more likely situation for leaving the child behind.

2. Edwina Elisabeth Schierbaum, born 02 May 1866 or 1865 in Niedersachsen,
died 28 April 1940 in Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA

     I do not know the names of her parents. I would like to know if she
was a sister to Frida Elisabeth Charlotte Schierbaum and the daughter of
Friedrich Auguste Schierbaum and Ottilie Marie Kersting and christened in
the Lutheran church in Wildeshausen. She is somehow related to Frida as
either a sister or cousin, I believe.

Thank you so very much for any assistance you can give me.

I also have more information on Johanne Adolfine Schierbaum, sister to
Frida, who emigrated to the US in the 1920's and died in California.

Ellen Rozsa