Trip to Mecklenburg

Hello everyone,
My wife and I just returned from a trip to Germany which included three
days in Mecklenburg. Though three days was a rather short time, I cannot
say enough about the beautiful scenery and the friendly people there. We
were able to visit the village where my g-g-great grandfather was born,
Gottin bei Teterow, and also visited the Church in Warnkenhagen where he
was baptised. We met some very friendly people and learned about some of
the history of the village.
     Is there anyone who might be able to give me the address of the
Church in Warnkenhagen and the Pastor's name (He was out of town during
our visit.) Or is there another way to find this information? Any help
would be appreciated.
Kristofer Libstaff

researching: Luebstorf

I suppose you mean Warnkenhagen near Teterow, zip code 17168.
The pastors name and adress is:

Evangelisches Pfarramt
Pastor Udo Wesch
Dorfstr. 1
17168 Thuerkow


Burkhard Schenk