Translation please

I need assistance in the transcription of the following.

Wenn Sie einen Scheck schicken, beruksichtigen Sie bitte die Gebuhr von 8,00? = 18,00? Schekbetrag.

I need to send a check for very helpful information that was forwarded to me. It knocked down my brick wall, at least made a large doorway in it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Anna Dorge Knaebel


I find the following site ( free ) useful. The translations are not perfect
and some are kind of funny. But you can usually get an idea of what it's all

Bill Bartling

Hello Anna,

I have tried to translate it for you, below :


Albert ( Veldhuis )
- Voorz: Veluwse Geslachten ( V V G ) Box 519 NL-3770 AM Barneveld
- e-mail: <>
- URL:
- email: <>