Time between Birth and Christening?

Dear List Members,
In the 1800's in Mecklenburg, what was the custom time to wait after a child
was born, to take it to the local parish to have the child christened?

A few weeks?
A few months?
A year or more?

When you know the date of christening, what is a standard time in Lutheran
Mecklenburg to subtract from that date to estimate the time of birth?

Larry in Sacramento, llcampbell65@home.com

Larry--The Lutheran Church records I worked in-- (Brohm), the child was
usually a week to 2 weeks old when baptized. Occasionally a little more.
Eleanor ewollen1@home.com

From our experience--the time varies from one day to a year or more--so I'd be
leery of trying to estimate a birthdate from a baptism! We've looked at dozens
of church books with thousands of records and don't see any uniform times.
HOWEVER, most of the original church books give BOTH the birth and baptism
dates...which sources are you using? Cliff and Barb

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