Ernst August THEILENGERDES was born 22 February 1884. He and his brother Fritz or Friedrich (born 23 January 1879), sister, Johanne or Johanna (born 17 February 1882), their mother Anna (maiden name HEINJE or HEINJES--born approximately 1850-1860, and married in 1876), and father Georg Gerhard Theilengerdes (born 5 July 1848) emigrated to America on 30 September 1888 on a ship named the "Saale". They landed in New York on October 15, 1888. The family settled in the state of Texas. When the brothers filed naturalization papers to become citizens of the United States, they indicated that they had come from Grand Dulcy, Greater Oldenburg, Germany.
    In 1890, Georg Gerhard Theilengerdes was a witness at the second marriage of the widow Helene Sophie Theilengerdes OELTJENDIERS. It is possible that Mr. Theilengerdes was a relative of the bride.
  The families belonged to Lutheran churches in Texas.
  I would appreciate any help in finding where these families lived in Greater Oldenburg.
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In my database I have the following
- Anna Heinje, *12.04.1845 Edewecht, Parents are Hermann Diedrich Heinje and
Sophie Margarete Röbber
- Anna Heinje, *03.07.1840 Aschhausen, Parents are Anna Margarete
Unfortunately there are no more data on marriage and husbands.
Do you have any names of the parents of your Anna Heinje. If so I could
provide some of the ancestors of your Anna.

Ernst Heinje