The Settlement from Graf Walbert to endow Wildeshausen church & abbey 17Oct 872

I do not know Mike Meyers. but I have gotten a lot of help from Miles Meyer who was born in Ft Loramie, Ohio. All of us are related in this part of Ohio and 90% of the families were farmers from Oldenburg. The trades people came from different parts of Germany. The WENDELN family from Garrel near Cloppenburg in 1832 and my mother's family (Dr. Johann Paulus Schmieder) from Rust in Baden in 1837. I have Winner in my family tree but I don't have where they came from in Germany.
Born in Germany:Johann Franz Christian WINNER, geb date and place unknownmarried Maria Catherine HUESSMANN geb 1808 storb 1877
Possibly born in Germany:Johannes Bernardus Josephus WINNER geb 1829 storb 1843Johann Bernard Anton WINNER geb 1833 stob 1919married Carolina Rebecca HOYING geb 1838 storb 1909
Please pass along Mike Meyers email address. If you are interested, my family tree is posted on MyHeritage. I can extend an invitation if you would like. My email:
Vielen Dank,Ted Bernard WendelnDayton, OH USA