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"Margot King" <> schrieb:

Dear Barbara and Falk Liebezeit,


> From:


> To me Hessum is Herssum, parish Holte on the Huemmling, general area
> Emsland - Meppen - Haseluenne.
> (all situated within the former kingdom of Hannover). I have not
> noticed Kalkmann there, but I was not looking for them either,
> probably Mr. Albers is right in his guess.

Hello Mrs Margot King, Falk Liebezeit and Barbara Stewart,

in this case Falk Liebezeit will be probably right, because of still given names Kalkmann and Holtmann in Herssum. My directory from 1998 includes for Herssum:

- KALKMANN, Maria, Herßum, Ostend 9, 49774 Lähden, Tel. 05964 585
- HOLTMANN, Franz, Ahmsener Str. 79, 49774 Lähden, Tel. 05964 1067

One might check under, if they are still living there and try to get some genealogical information directly by a letter or another contact.

Best wishes

Hans Peter Albers, Bienenbüttel

P.S.: Haselünne the place of Ruth Deckers Holtmann is not to far from Herßum