Swedish troops in Vechta after 30 Years War

Based on a research lead from a DNA match on Geneanet, I think one of my ancestors have been a descendant of a Swedish soldier in Vechta after the Thirty Years' War.
Johan Buske was born before 1675 in Lüsche-Vestrup in Amt. Vechta (and had two kids in the mid 1690s and died before 1700 when his widow married Theodor Arnold Buske, possibly his brother). According to a knowledgeable Swedish match, Buske was a Swedish name (according to DNA tests, I have some previously unidentified Swedish ancestry). The name was given to soldiers (based on the house they were given to occupy for the duration of their service sort of like how the Oldenburgers adopted the name of the farm while there).
Historical sources who that Swedish troops occupied Vechta from 1647-1654. The recreated star for there harks back to this time. The Swede says not all soldiers returned with some staying and raising families. He pointed me to the Swedish soldiers database which had several dozen Buske soldiers at that time (including many from the same parish as his ancestors!).
What resources exist for this period for this episode? Is there a list of Swedish soldiers in Vechta? A list of those returning after the occupation? A list of those who stayed? Some other substitute resources? Are there any online/digitalized histories of the Thirty Years' War in Oldenburger Munsterland? (Ideally in English, but I'll take what I can get).
Thanks in advance for any guidance or assistance.