surname-Tottenhoff (Armin Hattorf)

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I was looking at in March and have sending some results i dont
know if you have seen them all. I never found him in the 1900 census !!!!!

By the way i have now 5 different familys which i am looking for in the 1900
census nothing at all!!!! even i have found those familys in 1850, 1860,
1870, 1880, 1910,20 and 30. STRANGE very strange this cannot be chance. One
family ok but i have not found Frederick Hattorff and John B. Gude and not
Eberhard Horn and not Yakal which i was looking for for an old lady and and. Looks
like there is something wrong with the 1900 census.


Hi Armin,

The census index may be wrong. Have you tried looking at the census page by
I know it is a lot of work, but sometimes it is necessary.


Hi Armin,

   I use the HeritageQuest Online - through participating libraries.

   1900 - I find John B. Gude in Louisville KY, age 46, born Oct 1854 from
Germany, wife Josephine age --she had 9 kids, 5 living. 3 kids listed.

   1900 - Henry Hattorff and Herman Hattorf, both in Bronx, NY

   1900 - Fredrick Hattorf in NY with parents and siblings - he is 18, born
Mar 1882

  Maybe Eberhard Horn is E B Horn in 1900 in NY (Binghamton) age 46

  Maybe Ancestry was just not working well in March.


I found the following on for 1900 census records in the US

Frederick Hadorf
Parents: Han, Annie
Home: Rutherford, Napa, California
Born: abt 1894 California
Race: White
Relationship: Son

Frederick Hattery or Frederick Hattorf
Home: Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut
Born: abt 1874 Connecticut
Race: White
Relationship: Boarder

Frederick Hutroff
Parents: Adolph, Eunice
Home: Manhattan, New York, New York
Born: abt 1875 Germany
Race: White
Relationship: Son

Frederick Hedorf
Parents: Abrom, Cora
Home: Riverside, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Born: abt 1891 Pennsylvania
Race: White
Relationship: Son

I used the name Frederick Hattorff and used soundex rather than exact.

Janice Thiele Seiler

John B Gude
Wife: Josephine
Home: Louisville Ward 2, Jefferson, Kentucky
Born: abt 1855 Kentucky
Race: White
Relationship: Head

Found in 1900 US census on

Janice Thiele Seiler

I found these two in the New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 on No records for 1900 census though.

Alfred Eberhard Horn
Arrival Date: 9 Dec 1918
Born: abt 1891
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Rotterdam
Ship name: Oscar Trapp

Eberhard Horn
Arrival Date: 5 Jan 1857
Born: abt 1834
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Ethnicity: German
Ship name: Orpheus

Janice Thiele Seiler