Sulzdorf / gaubüttelbrunn

Hi - I am resending my request having corrected the spellings of the names of the towns (thank you Walter).

The following families come from Sulzdorf , now part of Giebelstat, which is 3 km from Gaubüttlebrunn now part of the town Kirchheim, (Unterfraken) Lower Franconia .

My family are Muhler / Muller / Müller, Lieber, Sauer, Fuchs, Durr, Reyb, Gots. Dates for above people are from about 1585 - 1784.

My Mullers were Johan George Muller 19/10/1754 Sulzdorf - he came out to South Africa about 1790. He was the son of Johan Martin Muller also known as
Martinus Muhler 11/10/1722 Gaubüttelbrunn - butcher and inkeeper at Sulzdorf. He was the son of Nicolaus Muller 31/7/1688 Gaubüttelbrunn - butcher and inkeeper at Gaubüttelbrunn. He was the son of Johann Jacob
Muller 26/3/1657 - village mayor. He was the son of Jacob Muller 19/1/1615 Gaubüttelbrunn and he was the son of George Muhler born about 1585 died
19/3/1636 Gaubüttelbrunn - senior at court.

Is anyone else perhaps working on these families? Is there anyone on this list that live in the two towns mentioned above?

Kindest regards from South Africa

Mark Barker.