Hi Susan,

Hans Juergen Krull is absolutely correct. Carwitz is under the jurisdiction
of the parish in Feldberg. I have researched in this area for quite some

Here are the films available which you can order from your local LDS Family
History Center:

Title Kirchenbuch, 1720-1934
Authors Evangelische Kirche Feldberg (AG. Feldberg) (Main Author)

Tote 1839-1866 FHL INTL Film 69735

Taufen 1740-1807 Tote 1740-1829 Heiraten 1740-1866 Taufen 1720-1740 FHL INTL
Film 69736

Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1867-1875 FHL INTL Film 69737

Taufen 1807-1866 Tote 1830-1866 Konfirm. 1819-1866 Conow: Taufen, Heiraten,
Tote, Konf. 1867-1925 FHL INTL Film 69738

Fürstenhagen: Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1876-1934 Konfirm. 1881-1910 FHL INTL

This information is from the Family History Library Catalog.

These are the five films which Merlin referred to.

What are the surnames that you are researching in this area?



This list is so great. I am researching DARBE, WAGNER, G�TSCHLAG, and
They all must have come to the Detroit, Michigan area around the same time
(1873) they all seem to marry into families here in the US from their
hometowns of Carwitz and Feldberg. I rented the microfilm for the parish
here in the Detroit area they all settled in.
I was once told when you came to the US, you needed to be sponsored. Is that
true for the 1800's also?