Strelitz marriage books 1826-1875

I noticed some time ago that someone had access to one of the last sets of marriage books to be published by Franz Shubert prior to his recent death. Could someone who has this set do a lookup for me?
I am trying to find the marriage record for:
Johann Christian Friedrich Wacker to
Carolina Friederica Wilhelmina Giddler

Family had children starting in 1857 in Cammin parish and then from 1864 to 1874 in Strelitz parish.

any help on this appreciated greatly. I have the books from 1751 up to 1825 and will eventually get this latter set too.


Hi, Robert,

the marriage happened Sept. 28, 1855 in Warbende - Quadensch�nfeld:
Joh. Chrn. Friedr. (* 39, Arbm.), V: Joh. Martin (Arbm./Stolpe)
Carol. Frieder.Wilhelm. (*19), V: + Ludw.Friedr.Theod. (Arbm./Schlicht)

Hans-Dietrich Gronau

President of the Verein f�r mecklenburgische Familien- und
Personengeschichte e.V. -

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