I am looking for information on Johann Bergen Enrich Stockpiler from Brandleben Germany. I got the following information from
Jim Eggert. Johann jergen Heinrich Steckelberg and his first Wife Married Nov 2 1831 Marie Elisabeth Weinecke had one child.
second wife Married oct 30 1839 Catharina Elisabeth wilhelmina Jirjahn and according to some records had three children 1. Johann
Friedrich Wilhelm Steckelberg. 2. Anna Louisa Maria Steckelberg b dec 27,1859 and 3. Johann Jurgen Carl STeckelberg b june 3, 1864.
I am looking for the child of the first wife and If there are anymore children from the second wife. I thought there was an August Steckelberg and Mathilda Steckelberg too. any information on Marie Elisabeth Weinecke , Johann Jurgen Henrich (who was mayor of Brandleben Germany) and Catharina Elisabeth Jirjahn. would be appreciated. thanks.

michael Steckelberg

Michael Steckelberg
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