looking for any information on the steckelbergs who lived in Brandleben Germany and one or two sons Fred and August came to America around 1850's.

Michael Steckelberg
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Hello Michael,

       If you run a search at this address, you will find much on the
Steckelbergs: It appears that
someone else found a lot of information on your family.

      Also, check on the emigration database at this address:

The Hannover archives list these names are listed:

PERS Steckelberg, Emilie Ida Marie 2328
PERS Steckelberg, Johann Joachim Friedrich 2329
PERS Steckelberg, Johann Jürgen August 2330
PERS Steckelberg, Johann Jürgen Carl 2331
PERS Steckelberg, Marie Catharine Elisabeth 2332
PERS Steckelberg, Wilhelmine Dorothee Elisabeth 2333

They are listed as from Dannenberg. This could be your family. Since their
code numbers are so similar, they probably were traveling together. If you
wish to order the records from Hannover, you can do it by email -- they will
charge you a fee and mail them to you. I can give you information on how to
navigate that website, if you are interested. It is in German.

Good luck,