Skrotzki - konigsberg

Seeking information about AUGUST GULTMAN SKROTZKI, born ~1850 in Konigsberg, Occupation = Harbor Master, his wife CHARLOTTE BRZOSKA (BROSKA?) and his son AUGUST SKROTZKI born 7 Oct, 1874. Family moved to Alt Jucha ~1875. Son moved to Bremen ~1900. Any information about this family is appreciated. Links to Maritime records are welcome. Paul (Skrotzki)Reno, Nevada,

Hi and hello from Bredenbek, Germany,

in our Capitol city Kiel we have a family with the name SKROTZKI, it is
Horst Skrotzki in the street Heikendorfer Weg 80, D-24149 Kiel, the phone #
0049 431 77226 and M. Skrotzki 0049 431 74101

May be it will help a little,
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Greetings Ha-We

Hans-W. (Hamann)