MILES is quite an unfortunate keyword for searching on Google, but in the
book "Hamburgs Segelschiffe 1795-1945", Juergen Meyer, Edition Maritim,
1999, you will find the following information:

"In 1844 Robert Miles Sloman bought the wooden bark DIANA from the
shipowner J. C. Ramsden in Hamburg and renamed her as MILES. The DIANA was
build in 1837 in Luebeck and had a size of 106 CL (Commerzlasten,
commercial load). P. Ehlers, P. B. Matzen, K. J. L. Vogler, J. H. Jacobs,
Jacob Juergen Ariansen, H. F. A. Poppe and N. J. Juergens can be proven as
captains. In 1856 the MILES was sold to the shipping company Dutton &
Dultz in Cuxhaven."

An advertising poster of the middle of the 19th century shows the names of
13 large packet sailing ships of Sloman, one of which was Bark MILES,
Capt. Juergens, 500 tons.

The Sloman family is one of the oldest shipping companies in Hamburg who
made use of sailing ships right up to the 20th century. The english
captain William Sloman came to Hamburg with his family in 1785 and
established a shipping brokerage company in 1793. William Sloman died in
1800 and left the company to his sons William Palgrave and Robert Miles
Sloman, the latter one only being 17 years old. In 1828 Robert Miles
Sloman established the "Packet-Line" Hamburg-New York as a broker. In 1838
he turned over his brokerage company to his son Robert Miles jr. and
became active in the transportation of emigrants.

Hope this helps.
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Torsten Steinkopf