Searching for WESTPHAL & BRUEDIGAM ancestors

Please excuse me but I am not able to respond in German at a level that
anyone in Germany could understand. Perhaps someone on this list will be
willing and able to help me (or to refer me to someone who can help me).
    I have spent many years searching (unsuccessfully) for the ancestors of
my WESTPHAL and BRUEDIGAM ancestors who immigrated to Texas from
Mecklenburg-Schwerin in the mid 1850s.
    I would like to correspond with anyone who has any knowledge of these
    To the best of my knowledge the Westphal family who immigrated to Texas
consisted Anna Philomena? ( ? ) Westphal, the mother, along with four
daughters and two sons.
    The oldest daughter, Friedericke Westphal married Johann Heinrich Joachim
Bruedigam in Germany in 1847. They had four children, three of whom died.
The mother, Friedericke, died in 1852, leaving one daughter Caroline SOPHIA
Charlotte Henrica BRUEDIGAM (born March 3, 1850 in Blangenhagen). Then, in 1853,
the husband, Heinrich Bruedigam married his deceased wife's sister, Maria
DOROTHEA BRUEDIGAM (born Sep. 12, 1826). Henirich Bruedigam and Dorothea
(Westphal) Bruedigam had one daughter, Friedericka (my great-grandmother) (born July
12, 1855 - probably also born in Blangenhagen) before emigrating from Germany.
    Another Westphal daughter, HELENA Maria Dorothea WESTPHAL (born Sep. 16,
1823) (married Nov. 23, 1849) to Carl Joachim Peter VOSS (born Jan 20, 1825)
in Germany. Together, they had one daughter, Caroline Maria Dorothera Voss
(born Feb. 10, 1852) before emigrating to Texas.
    The other three children, SOPHIA WESTPHAL (born Feb. 5, 1829); FRIEDRICH
C. WESTPHAL and HEINRICH WESTPHAL were not married at the time that the family
emigrated to America.
    I would like for anyone who would be willing and able to help me to do
research on this family to contact me at once.
    I would need to know your rates and terms for doing research on this

    Carroll Warschak
    Waco, Texas