Searching for Uekötter/Berkemeyer Families

We are researching the Uekötter family genealogy, particularly the line that includes John Herman Uekötter, who was born in July 1809. He emigrated to the United States sometime in the 1840s. Oral family history stated that John Herman was known as "The Little Frenchman" because he supposedly came from Alsace-Lorraine-this has not been confirmed. It's also possible that John Herman had a sister named either Elisabeth or Marie who also emigrated to the United States. He married Anna Catherine Kenkel (born December 1823) shortly after arriving in the USA. She is listed as having been born in Oldenburg, and we have seen multiple spellings of her maiden name.

Another branch of the family also came from the Oldenburg area-Adolph and Caroline Berkemeyer and their children. Their son-Casper Berkemeyer (born in January 1853)-was our great-grandfather. Casper's mother was listed as Mary Bruggemann, so we are unsure if Adolph had remarried or if Caroline was Mary's middle name.

We would appreciate any information at all regarding either of these families.


Tim Uckotter

Hello Tim,

Anna Catharina Kenkel is born 11.Dec.1823 in Dinklage
Notice: emigrated 1846 to Amerika
Parents: Joannes Kenkel, born 23.Jun.1798 in Dinklage, died 22.Mar.1873 in Dinklage
             oo 26.Oct.1823 in Dinklage at St.Catharinen to
                  - Margaretha Catharina Arlinghaus, born 16.Feb.1795 in Dinklage
             by Wehage in Dinklage-Schwege

Regarding the other people I have not an idea,