Searching for Matheo Pisani in Leer


I wounder if you could help me trace my anchestors in Leer for me?
My 4 grandfather emigrated from Italy to Groningen in Netherland, from
Groningen to Leer, and from Leer to Norway, where they settled down:) He
married Johanne Margrethe Blondeau (Londo) from Kampen in Groningen.
I have heard that they married 20.02.1819 in Leer...
I can not find any information or marry sertificate, that could confirm
that this is right, thats why
i conntact you, maybe you could help me.
I also want to know if Johanne's surname is Blondeau or Londo, and what her
parentes name was, the same with Matheos parents....
Hope you can help me..

Linda Helen Viste

Hi Linda,

in the Catholic family book of Leer vom 1679 - 1900 (Ortsfamilienbuch), a book which is
worked out in accordance with the church books I found under No. 2229:

*Matheus Pisani*, ex Italia oo 20.2.1819 Leer "Dispensati in Bauis ab anplissimo groeningensi
copulati sunt" (Johannes Dado; Catharina Knese)
*Johanna Margaretha Loudo*, ex Campis, fidei nostro professione praemissa

Josephus Constantinus * 8 ~ 10.1.1820 Leer
(Constantin(us) Fabri: Josephus Kirchner)
(Matheus Pisani - Johanna Margaretha Loudon)

That is all I found there. Perhaps you should contact the church in Leer St. Michael

    Kath. Pfarramt St. Michael

Lutherischer Schulgang 4
26789 Leer (Ostfriesland) <>

    (0491) 2622
    (0491) 9250189

or the Upstalsboom Gesellschaft in Aurich,

*Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft f�r historische Personenforschung
und Bev�lkerungsgeschichte in Ostfriesland e.V.*

Fischteichweg 16 , 6603 Aurich

E.Mail : <>

Tel. : 04941-967878 (nur Freitags)
Fax: 04941-967957

That is a genealogical club, who publish these family books. You don't have to be a member to
ask them. Do it directly, not via mailing list.

I hope it helps.

Uschi (from Bremen/Germany)