Searching for Information on Augustus Philemon Krakau family in Oldenburg


I am looking for information regarding the family of Augustus Philemon/Phileven Krakau born about 1772, possibly in Poland.
He and his son Augustus Leberecht Krakau were pastors in the Lutheran Church in Oldenburg before emigrating to America in 1834.
The following family members were listed on the passenger list for the Ship Virginia which sailed from Bremen and arrived in Baltimore,
Maryland on 4 September 1834.

August L. Krakau age 40 (b. 1794) Preacher
Christiana Krakau age 39 (b. 1795)
Tereser Krakau age 14 (b. 1820)
Julius Krakau age 13 (b. 1821)
John (August Johannes Barhart) Krakau age 11 (b. 1823)
Otto Krakau age 10 (b. 1824)
Reinholt Krakau age 8 (b. 1826)
Mary (Maria) Krakau age 7 (b. 1827)
August Krakau age 2 (b. 1832)
Phileven Krakau age 62 (b. 1772)

Earnest (Maritz) Krakau age 34 (b. 1800) Farmer
(Mary) Rosener Rhoades Krakau age 32 (b. 1802)
(Earnest) Adolphus Kakau age 7 (b. 1827)
Eliza Krakau age 5 (b. 1829)
Julia Krakau age 3 (b. 1831)

Family trees on have Augustus Leberecht born in Sieglitz, Achsen, Altenburg and Tereser/Theresa, Julius, Johannes,
Otto, Reinhold, Maria, Christianna (*1829 +1830) were born in Ekelsteidt, Oldenburg.

I will be in Germany 29 June - 10 July and would be interested in any information on the Augustus Philemon Krakau family in Oldenburg,
especially if there is any information about which church they belonged to, birth and marriage records, if there are any addresses listed for
Philemon and/or Earnest Maritz and if there is any immigration information about Philemon coming to Germany from Poland (where in Poland?)

Thank you for any assistance. Lisa F.