Schwarze Chronik Hamburg .Teil, 7 + 8

"J b" <> schrieb:

PS. HPA here's the crux of our differing political views as I see it: you
see the world for what it should be, and I see it for what it is and always
has been: [revised] 1/4 fascinating, 1/4 amusing, 1/4 hopeless and 1/4 bunk.
It hardly pleases me, but que sera sera.


Hi JB,

instead of a detailed response, which might get to much into the depth of general history for the opinion of some of the listers and because of a - as I hope - only temporary lack of time, I would like to answer only on the last problem, you mentioned.

Cannot say, if the differences between our opnions are as you say, but supposed they are, both position: a) "to be only wishful to betterings" and b) "just recognizing what others made the things to be" are not reasonable effective for any progress in point of economy, human behaviour or anything else in need of developement. There is no way in or out, but getting this two dimensions combined into a theory and practice of daily acting, getting to the point of answering: what might be learned by history.


Hans Peter Albers