I need help on two things.

1. Is there anyone in Germany on this list that can research
     the Schrader family from Brauschweig?

2. Is there anyway I can receive the list in English or have it translated for me on my Windows XP program? I think I am missing out on a lot of good information because I can not read German.

Thanks, Gail Schrader

Hi Gail,

      You can always get a rough translation by using an online translator.

    I use it all the time. That and a small German dictionary. The more you
force yourself to struggle with German, the better you get at it. I am
amazed how much German I can read since I joined this list a couple years
ago. It's a challenge, but I find it very interesting. I can only read
some German -- I could not write or speak German, but It is amazing how much
you can learn to read.


Hi Gail,
    I'll second the motion on Barbara's suggestion.
    I make a practice of "skimming" the German language postings looking for
surnames that are of interest to me. If I find one, I try to get the gist of
the German text, and if I can't make any sense out of it I copy it and paste it
into one of the free translation sites. I have been using "Babelfish"
<> but I will now try using the Google Site.
Most of the time the "English" translations generated by the computer are as
confusing as the original German, but with a little effort and imagination you
can usually get a pretty good idea of what was meant.
    Good luck,
           Don Roddy

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