SCHIERBAUM, Frida Elisabeth Charlotte, marriage to STARK, Alexander (August?), Hannover, about 1889

Asking for help finding the date and location of marriage for Frida
Elisabeth Charlotte SCHIERBAUM (born 3 April 1868, Wildeshausen, Oldenburg,
to Friedrich Auguste SCHIERBAUM and Ottilie Marie KERSTING) to Alexander
(or August) STARK, about 1889.
The Schierbaums were Lutheran and were all christened in St. Alexander's.
I would like to start with the church records there. If nothing is found
for the period 1866 to 1891 then it is possible she was not married in her
home church.

Unfortunately, I have no confirmed birth, marriage or death information on
her husband, Alexander (or August) STARK. Their son, August Frederick
STARK, was born 1891 in Hannover (nothing more specific). Frida was a
widow when she emigrated to the US in November 1895 leaving from Hamburg.
She told people in the US that she was from Bremen.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Ellen Rozsa