SALE in Erlangen and Wilhelmsdorf

Hello list,

I have been researching my SALE ancestors. They were members of the French
Reformed community in Erlangen. Before 1744 they lived in Wilhelmsdorf. I
understand that church records from Wilhelmsdorf are incomplete. The earliest
record we have obtained is a marriage in 1719 between Jean SALE and Marie
Anthoinette AVIENY. Does anyone know what records exist from Wilhlemsdorf and
how to get copies of records?

Although I have the records for my direct SALE line in Erlangen, there is
still much information that I do not have. Does anyone have access to the Fr.
reformed records in Erlangen?

My AVIENY line came from Abries, France ( the Queyras in the Dauphin�). They
settled in Wilhelmsdorf (after a few years in Langenzell) in 1694. I believe
my SALE line comes from the Val Cluson (now the Val di Chisone). I am having
a difficult time connecting this line with certainty prior to the 1719
marriage in Wilhlemsdorf. With more information from Wilhelmsdorf I hope to
be able to verify the location or origin for the SALE line .

Thanks for reading and for any information or discussion you can provide.

Craig sale
Schaumburg, IL