Researching the von BEHR Family especially Pomeranian tribe

To continue with my research, would a Family member of the Von BEHR Family know if
DNA has been done Please, As Im especially interested if the BEHR male linage are of the DNA Haplogroup G
The Behr family is a very large Lower Saxon and Pomeranian Uradels sex. and as I understand it
have been around since 1105-1167 with Hermann von Behr.
Im particularly interested in the BEHR men of this Pomerania Tribe, as the DNA is handed down from male to male
and if discovered were of this G group it would confirm we are on the correct paper trail.
There is a high concentration of the G group from Western Russia,Lithuania,Kurland to the Baltic of Northern Germany
and the Behr Families are in all these areas.
My brickwall is how else to find out but to ask a member of this Behr Family

DNA Haplogroup G FTDNA N28461 Gedmatch T626575
Rick in Australia