Reiss/ mosler

Hello list. Greetings from Columbus, Ohio, USA.
   I am hoping that somebody will have an idea to help me solve a
genealogy problem I am stumped with. I have traced my ancestry back to
Karl REISS and Antonia MOSLER. Based on the dates of birth of their
children, I believe they were probably married in the 1820's. I have
found the names of some of their children who were born at Alt Wiendorf,
kreis Leobschutz, Upper Silesia on a roll of Catholic church records
microfilm, They are as follows:

Eduard REISS, b. 13 Oct. 1830
Marie Johanna REISS, b. 24 Jun 1833
Robert Franciscus REISS, b.3 Jan 1835
Karl Johann REISS, b. 15 Mar 1841

   I have been unable to trace this line beyond Karl and Antonia. He
worked for the government, and was some sort of economic administrator.
I have checked the Catholic marriages microfilm for Pommerswitz and Alt
Wiendorf, but can find no record of this marriage.
   Does anybody have any ideas about how I can find where this marriage
occurred? Its seems to me like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I
am hoping that somebody is tracing this same line, or maybe there is a
book that indexes marriages from Upper Silesia for this time period.
   I descend from Karl's son Eduard REISS. He married Pauline TISCHBAUER

1 May 1854 at Neustadt, kreis Neustadt, Upper Silesia. Pauline's parents
were Clemens and Barbara (SCHWARZER) TISCHBAUER.
   I would appreciate any suggestions, or hearing from anybody who is
researching this same family. I'm sorry that I only speak English.
Mark Hughes