Reinhold Tree

Dear Hubert

Sadly, I fear you may be right and the name Reinhold is quite common.
Still, I figure as my father Karl Reinhold managed to trace his family back
to 1605 (or thereabouts) I ought to be able to achieve something, given
time. How much of this I can do from abroad, though, I do not know. Sadly,
I remember my mother telling me that some of the church records he used
were burnt during the last war.

I'll keep a note of your Reinholds. Once I have a little more information
about my grandfather Conrad I may be able to know whether there is a

Bill, thanks for the advice. I contacted George today.

Can I ask you both, how long you have been researching your trees? How easy
/ difficult is it to get information via the internet? Or do I have to book
my next flight to look for information in person?