Reinhold tree

Dear Hubert,

Wonderful to find another Reinhold... I do not know any more names on my
fathers side apart from Conrad, my grandfather, nor do I know whether the
family may have initially come from Silesia. I am only just starting my
search. Do you have any details going forward for Ernst August Heinrich
Reinhold? Do you have any other details (whom he married, children etc.)
which I can keep on file and double check against? His job would certainly
fit in nicely with my grandfathers job, but at the moment I don't know
whether they are related.

What I do know is that for many generations there has only ever been one
male Reinhold in our family. My father was an only child, but my
grandfather may have had sisters.



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From: "Hubert Bomas" <>
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Subject: AW: [HN] Re: Conrad Reinhold
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 04:45:57 +0200

I have an Ernst August Heinrich Reinhold in my data. He was born

29.12.1838 in

Hinterheide, parish Kotzenau, in Silesia. He was level crossing attendant

at the railway.

Dear Erika,

the name Reinhold is very common in Germany.

Ernst August Heinrich Reinhold was born 29.12.1838 in Hinterheide, parish Kotzenau. His
parents were Anna Elisabeth Hoffmann and Karl Reinhold. He was protestant. 21.1.1873 he
married Maria Elisabeth Wohlers in Twistringen, Lower Saxony. Maria Elisabeth was
catholic. They had a daughter Maria Ernestina Reinhold. If you want to know more, I have
to ask a relative of mine.

Best regards,
Hubert Bomas

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