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Anyone on this list seearched for the surname Sohn:

Windsheim, a town in Bavaria, Middle-Franconia, districtoffice Uffenheim an der Aisch 3350 inhabitants (1874), postoffice, telegraph, district court, castle, Latin school, growing of ceraels, hop and WINE, production of gold and silver articles, model and needle fabrication, tannery, woolweaving
quoted from:
Ritters geographisch statistisches Lexikon 1874, reprinted in 1983 by
Pomp & Sobkowiak, Essen/Ruhr, ISBN 3-922693-00-8, 1734 pages,
to be bought at 55.25 Euro

Greetings from Diepholz, Lower Saxony

Falk Liebezeit 02/15 6:13 >>>

Anyone on this list seearched for the surname Sohn.

At the "Cincinnti Breweries" I found this:
Johann Georg Sohn was born on October 20, 1817 in Windesheim, Bavaria, Germany. His father owned a small Brewery and vineyard.

I think Bavaria is wrong, we have only one Windesheim on the Rhein river, a vineyard area.

Werner Honkomp

I'm sorry, Falk is right. The "Cincinnati Breweries" say Windsheim not Windesheim, my mistake.
The town named today "Bad Windsheim" in Franconia /Bavaria.

Werner Honkomp