RE: Use the telephone for German research!

I thought someone would jump on this right away. Good deals have a bad side.

Check out this site before you try 10 10 987.....

From this site: ......... Consumer Alerts! 10-10-987 Billing Problem news.
Some 10-10-987 users have reported problems with rates billed much higher than advertised. Others say they were billed correctly.

10-10-987 is by TelecomUSA, the same company that runs the 10-10-220 and 10-10-321 services. They recently increased rates on those two older services as much as 80% (eighty percent!). I had noticed their new 10-10-987 service back in February 2002. It was charging much higher rates back then. They have changed their rates twice since then. While the 39 cents a call connect fee plus 3 cents a minute looks good for state-to-state calls at least 25 minutes long, I don't trust TelecomUSA to offer that rate for long. They used to update me with rate changes for 10-10-220 and 10-10-321 to help keep my site current, but now refuse to cooperate.

Go to and go to the will see complaints on
different company's....i.e. genealogy , car ....etc. An
interesting site.

I think the best deal is a AT&T phone card from Sam's Club that is 3.4 cents
a minute. With the card a call to/from foreign countries or to/from USA is
very easy. It costs more per minute depending on the country you are
Barbara Stewart